While maintaining their full autonomy, my sculptures are intimately related to space and architecture.

In my investigations, I try to interfere in what we can define as intervals – to put it differently, the space, the distance or the time which separates two objects, two places, two situations. This topic brings me to take a look on a construction site, a waiting room or a second hand shop and on objects which constituted those mentioned places of transition.

This thinking space is also a way of asking myself about the sculpture practice itself, which I consider the place of transition to the real, of the emergence of a project. One could summarize this in an erupting moment which takes form in a specific way in the exhibition space to create a picture. This particular position motivates my wish to saturate, to isolate, to freeze, or to deconstruct a system’s different components in order to measure their limits. These diversions challenge the objects’ use while unveiling their essence, their structure.

Experimentation is at heart of these different methods. For me it is a way to acquire a certain experience of the real, to be used to it in order to better capture it. Thus, it becomes possible to generate new sign systems, to bring a plastic’s potential to the front or a possible formal independence ; all this constituting the development of the work.