image de calque_loggia
Untitled, 2021 - architecture plan on tracing paper,
steel - 42 x 1,6 x 5 cm

Simon Thiou shifts the uses of materials; it gives them another form of life, often cold and almost clinical. Impeccable but fundamentally deviant, his cuts, shackles, growths, grafts, destruction would almost liken him to a doctor Robert Ledgard1 of sculpture. However, if these unnatural crossings induce dramatic developments that (de) generate forms, giving rise to «things that exist right next to us, behind a transparent veil» the artist first creates fictions. In addition, by questioning the history of objects as much as their forms and their material, by drawing inspiration from science fiction cinema as well as sculpture, Simon Thiou invents complex and referenced narratives, of which his sculptures are only the resurgences. exploded, the puzzle pieces of a parallel world.

Camille de Singly
1. Heroes of Almodovar’s film La piel que habito («the skin I live in») (2011).